A Dad and His Two Teenage Sons Build The Ultimate Off-RoadVehicle

We're drove it!  It's powerful!
It turns heads!
Now for more big news . . . we have moved to Japan and sold our Beast to family!  We'll keep the website up for a while because we are proud of the achievement.
Our Story Begins
The Truck Takes Shape
Hood, Bumpers and Radiator
Lights, Body Caulk, and Power Windows
Pedals, Steering Column, Shifters and Dash Board
Cross-Country Transfer of Our Project
Headliner, Ceiling Lights and Wiper Motor Installation
Installing the Electrical System
Interior Insulation
A/C and heating System Installation
Donor Parts to Keep and Miscelaneous Information
Gas Tank and Skid Pan
Seats, Racing Harnesses and Cupholders
Brush Guard
Grill Cowling
Parking Break
Dog House
Gorilla Gets Paint and Side View Mirrors
UPDATE:  As of 10/26/06, our Gorilla is licensed and titled in the State of Idaho.  After 3-1/2 years, we can say we were the proud builders, owners and drivers of a homebuilt 4x4.   We have driven our Gorilla for a couple of months to check-out our work, then sold it to family.

We plan to keep the web site up so other builders or interested people can look at it for ideas or to ask questions on the guest book link below.

We will be back, and we will build again.  Until then we're taking care of business here in Japan.   We're having a good time too, and time is going by very fast.  Drop us a line for questions. 
The carpet is from Lowe's.  It is indoor/outdoor, rubber-backed.  A carpet-runner from Walmart covers the tunnel.  The fire extinguisher is for "just in case"!
The Building Crew on their approach to the top of Saddle Mountain - Southern Peak in Idaho's Lemhi Range - 10'810 feet (Click to Enlarge).  There's only 600-feet to go to the top. 
We used three coats of "DupliColor" roll-on bedliner.  We also installed six, black-powder-coated folding cleats from J.C. Whitney.
The hood is huge!  We use 3/8" steel rods, bent to shape, notched in the bumper and hood, and pinned in place  to hold it up.  We use 1/8-inch SS cable to limit upward travel.